T.I.’s Restaurant Gets Hit With A Eviction Notice

T.I.’s resturant has just been hit with an eviction notice. The resturant is located downtown Atlanta.

Worst Year Ever: Columbus Short Loses His Job, His Wife & Now His HOME!

The former Scandal actor has been going through it BADLY this past year. First, he http://www.inflexwetrust.com/2014/05/07/columbus-shorts-alleged-victim-says-former-scandal-star-cant-pay-up-because-he-got-canned-from-the-show/ on one of the best TV shows, then he loses his wife for a messy domestic violence complaint and now– he’s been evicted from his apartment for missing one month’s rent! Columbus was renting an apartment in the Valley for $6,995 a month. I guess his landlord was hip to his recent drama-filled life because after only five days, he issued an eviction notice to Columbus. Luckily, he exited the premises peacefully with no confrontation (what a surprise.)

(Video) Chief Keef Explains His Eviction!

“I gotta grow,” said Chief Keef in response to losing his home in Suburban Chicago this week. “One day it’s gonna be okay. I’ma be a grown man. I ain’t gonna be bad no more.” This was all caught on tape by TMZ, who gained a quick interview with the Chi-town rapper. Check it out after the jump.

Chief Keef… EVICTED??!?

Looks like everyone except the Lake County deputies love Sosa. After months of not paying rent, Chief Keef was removed from his apartment in Suburban Chicago. According to sources, the rapper owes four months rent totaling $11,300.

[PHOTOS] Cold World: Matthew Knowles’ Baby’s Mother And Son Out In The Streets?

Let this be a cautionary tale to all the side chicks around the globe. In the case of Alexsandra Wright who may have thought she was about to embark on a life of leisure off of Beyonce’s bucks, when she created a love child with Matthew Knowles, Wright is experiencing just how real it can be! Find out how much Matty’s behind.

Yikes! Terrence Howard Gets Evicted From NYC Apartment & Owes Former Landlord HOW Much?!

No bueno, Terrence! The actor, who recently married his girlfriend of one month, reportedly got evicted from his New York City condo in May for owing a total of $51,907.85 in un-paid rent! However, since Howard missed his court date, the judge automatically ruled in the landlord’s favor. The fishy part of the story? The judge scheduled yet ANOTHER court date to determine the actual amount that Howard owes his former landlord in back rent after not accepting the original figure. Hmmmmm….

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