RIP: The Young Fan Who Received A FaceTime Call From Beyoncé Last Week Has Passed Away

We’re saddened to report the death of Ebony Banks, the cancer-stricken teen who just last week received a FaceTime call from her absolute favorite artist, Beyoncé. Ebony’s classmates went hard with a social media campaign to get Bey on the phone, and it worked – clearly just in time. According to Houston publication KHOU, Ebony lost her battle just four days later. Below is a photo of a beautiful vigil they put together for her. Rest in peace, beautiful.

(Video) The Weeknd Facetimes Future Right Into His ‘Starboy’ Listening Party

The Weeknd is busy shattering records and being the face of music everywhere this week and continues his roll at his listening party for Starboy. During the party, he taps Future, who is featured twice on the album, into a FaceTime session since he couldn’t make the event.

(Video) Soulja Boy Backs Off Rico Recklezz Death Threats During FaceTime

Soulja Boy last week put a $100K bounty on Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz’ head because he says the artist dissed him on his song “No Talkin”. Well, SB just got a phone call and he tried to explain his situation, ultimately backing out of the death threat.

(Photo) Justin Bieber Shades Taylor Swift After Facetimeing With Kanye West

Early this morning Justin Bieber posted a pic on Instagram of him facetimeing with Kanye West and a couple others, with the caption reading “Taylor Swift what up”. Guess we know who’s side Bieber’s on in this whole 7 year controversy.

(Photo) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather FaceTimes 50 Cent at 6 AM With a “House Full of Bad B!tches”

You never know with these two but yes 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are still friends.  Floyd is still reeling off his major win over Manny Pacquiao that put a couple hundred million dollars in his bank account.  He FaceTimed 50 Cent early this morning with a “house full of bad b*tches”.

(Photos) True Love: Karrueche FaceTimes Chris Brown From The Toilet!

Chris Brown and Karrueche have a very confusing and bi-polar relationship but at this point in life, who doesn’t? To show her man she loves and misses him, Karrueche FaceTimed her famous bar straight from the toilet. How cute! Peep the flicks in the gallery.

(18+ Ladies ONLY Pic) NFL: First Penis Pic of 2014 – Bitter Woman Leaks Jets QB Geno Smith Nude Photo!

Goodness, we couldn’t even get past day 1 of the new year without a groupie leaking an athlete’s d*ck pic?!  Here we go with a typical story.  A groupie woman who had been involved with Jets QB Geno Smith found out that he has a girlfriend (Kristen Stubbs who he  went to high school with) and as revenge put his business out for all to see.  Not only did she share her story & texts with Geno, but shared a nude photo he sent her —- yes, “the package” is clearly visible.  C’mon Geno!!  Gotta be smarter than this!! SMH. This one is just for the ladies!!!

(Video) Beyonce Makes Concert History By FaceTiming Fan During Show!!!

I love it, Tech is leaking into every aspect of life, and now Beyonce has made history by interacting with a fan through another fans FaceTime!!

Tragic! Soldier Watches As Pregnant Wife Gets Stabbed Over Video Chat?!

The pregnant wife of a soldier stationed overseas in Asia was severely stabbed by a home invader in her Texas residence during their video chat, hit the jump for more!

*Updated* (PHOTO) NBA: SMH. Groupie Shares Screenshot of FaceTime Convo With Kevin Durant

Is this news?!  Absolutely not. Is it a warning to the fellas?!  Absolutely. Lol. Kevin Durant is single (as far as I know of) so he can do what he wants.  Is having a facetime session with someone crazy? No. Is it scandalous? No. This is just a warning….there are a lot of thirsty chicks out there. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with cause you don’t want to get caught slipping like KD.  Apparently this thirstbucket leaked a pic of Kevin Durant in bed while she was facetiming with him.  SMH. The fact that she has to share this shows you a lot.  The thirst is real. *UPDATE* I apologize, we just assumed it was a groupie because of the source – BUT Kevin Durant has cleared up the situation.  He explained what it was.  That KD … what a stand up guy! Check out the pic and what Durant had to say about it…. GameTimeGirl

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