(Video) LOL! Did Taylor Swift Fart While Making A Live Announcement During VMAs?

While hosting MTV VMAs pre-show Taylor Swift introduced her new music video for her song ‘Wildest Dreams.’ While she was making the LIVE announcement, the microphones picked up a noise that sounded just like a fart. MTV is claiming that Taylor didn’t let one rip on live TV and it was just a faulty mic however, after watching the clip again reactions by Taylor and some of her “Swift Squad” make you think otherwise. Check out the clip below.

(Video) MMA: LMAO, It Was That Bad! Fighter Taps Out AND Pukes After Opponent Farts

Here’s something I’ve never seen or heard of before. Stay focused man! Lol. My life revolves around men and yes it can smell pretty bad when someone farts — but enough to make someone throw up?!  Well apparently this grappler’s fart smelled so bad that it forced his opponent to tap out & vomit. You can’t make this stuff up. Check it out…

(Funny Video) NBA: DeAndre Jordan Pretends To Fart on People…Reactions are Priceless!

Looks like someone has a bad case of the bubble guts!!  I’ve never been one of those people that thinks farts are funny, but this video had me laughing.   Check out DeAndre Jordan as he pretends to fart directly next to people at a Venice Beach skatepark. GameTimeGirl

(Video) NBA: Lol, Someone Farted on Miami Heat Bench & Shaq Wants To Know Who It Was

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Several members of the Miami Heat were attacked last night … and the culprit was a real butthole … this according to Shaquille O’Neal.  Check the story & the video…

Fart Joke Causes A Bomb Scare At A Mississippi School

A smelly joke has landed one Mississippi man in deep sh*t. Hit the jump for the full story. steveisDOPE

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