Graphic: (Video) Police Body Camera Shows A Tennessee Police Officer Fatally Shooting A Man Holding A Hammer

Video footage from a police officers body cam showing a man being fatally shot by police has been released. In the video Tahlequah, Tennessee police officers are in the home of a man and appear to be responding to a complaint from the ex wife of the suspect. In the video the officers are following the man into what appears to be a garage. The man ends up picking up a hammer. The altercation ended with the man being fatally shot to death by the responding police officers on camera. Check in after the jump for the video. Warning, the video is very graphic.

NYC Woman’s DIY Boob Job Gone Wrong Ends In Fatality After Using What??

When will these DIY, outside the confines of a hospital, and away from the eyes’ of watchful physicians procedures end? Well, sadly for 39 year old Argentinian born Sonia Perez Lianzon, she lost her life several weeks after her DIY Breast Augmentation.

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