(Video) CAUGHT ON TAPE: Egyptian Military Police Drag & Beat Female Protesters

The Egyptian military police force showed no pity to female protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo this week when they were caught on tape beating and dragging a woman down the street. If you think our police force was bad against the Occupy protesters, you’ll count your lucky stars after seeing the video after the jump. (*WARNING: GRAPHIC*) Wendy L.

US Navy Commander Jailed For Three Years After Raping Two Female Sailors

Real Life JAG: A US Navy commander will serve more than three years behind bars after admitting he sexual assaulted and raped two of his female sailors. Personally, I think he should have to serve a longer sentence with no plea bargain…but we’ll see what happens. Get the full details of the story after the jump! Wendy L.

Female Rapper @Kreayshawn Signs Million Dollar Sony Deal After Her Track “Gucci Gucci” Blows Up!!

So last night I’m hanging out on the mean streets of Twitter, and I see Miss Info tweet about a girl I’d never heard of, getting a million dollar Sony deal. I figured she had to be something big, having signed such a huge deal off of this “Gucci Gucci” song (from what I was reading)…so I had to check her out and she’s SO dope! She reminds me of a female version of Lil B (they’re from the same area..The Bay…so it makes sense) and her music is just really fun and catchy. After the jump, check out the video for Gucci Gucci, and click on Info’s link above to read more about her deal. Congrats and looking forward to more music from you!! @MarisaMendez

Dee Vasquez Round Table Series Pt 1

Dee Vasquez Sits Down With Karen Civil, B.Dot, Lady Luck, Nina B and Rah Digga (Part 1) from itsthebino on Vimeo. As part of her new Round Table series, Dee Vasquez sits down with Karen Civil, B.Dot, Lady Luck and Nina B to discuss femcees, Lauryn Hill, turntable hits and if you have to be sexually appealing to be a successful female MC. Rah Digga also calls in to give some input. itstheBino.com was there to cover it. Go Dee! @DjJuanyto

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