(Video) The Game Visits Mike Brown’s Memorial And Hands Out Happy Meals To Ferguson Kids

The Game visited Mike Browns Memorial in Ferguson and hands out Happy Meals to local kids! Hop into the post to check out some video clips of The Games experience working at McDonalds for a day. #IFWT!!!

(Video) Update: Ferguson Chief Says It’s Protestors; Ferguson Cop Shot In The Face In Front Of The Police Station

What we know that tonight in Ferguson MO in front of the police station, apparently in the face as per a video below, there’s a lot of people out, and riot gear was already on(i.e. the cop that got short had a riot shield) so I would assume there was protesting, and tensions have been high sine the killing of Mike Brown.

(Video) More Footage Of The Aftermath Of The Mike Brown Shooting!

Recently another video surfaced of new witnesses reacting to the shooting/killing of Mike Brown that occurred on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri. In this video, the two men who saw the shooting immediately threw their hands up while exclaiming that the victim Mike Brown surrendered. The case is currently going through investigation. We will find out whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will actually face charges next month.

Live Stream: ‘I Am Mike Brown’ Live From Ferguson, MO

Watch KARG Argus Radio’s live coverage of the “I Am Mike Brown” protest currently happening in the streets of Ferguson, MO.

(Photos) Mike Brown Autopsy Details Which Of The 6 Shots Killed Him; National Guard Called Into Ferguson

Last night was another bad night in Ferguson, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters as the autopsy report was released showing Mike Brown was shot 6 times.

(Photos) Mike Brown’s Autopsy In; Police Fire Off Tear Gas To Uphold Curfew In Ferguson

Every since the murder of youth Mike Brown back on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri, the city has been in sheer turmoil, as well as a city divided. The police who have put a curfew in place to minimize the crime and looting, resorted to the use of tear gas on protesters to uphold the midnight curfew. Shortly after 9pm the police began firing off tear gas. See detailed report inside.

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