50 Cent Claps Back At Internet Troll; Claims He Has 40 Million CASH On Him

50 Cent doesn’t like to bite his tongue for anything – whether it comes to clap backs on social media or random vodka beef. The hip-hop business mogul recently filed for bankruptcy which seemed a bit odd because Fif has many different sources of income. However, legally there were many reasons that claiming broke would have helped 50 out due to his current lawsuit with Rick Ross’ baby mama over the sex tape plus much more.

Oh Sh*t! Birdman Is Getting Kicked Out Of WHERE?!

Looks like Lil Wayne isn’t the only one sick and tired of Birdman’s sh*t. His Miami condo association wants him out of the complex and FAST! According to the Ivy Condo Association, Birdman has racked up a total of $12,500 in unpaid fees and is constantly bouncing checks (HOW SWAY?!) To top it off, he apparently owes $1.9 million in back taxes to Uncle Sam, another $1 million to a construction company and last but not least, Birdman took out a $5 million dollar loan to make sure his Mansion was fully updated and decked out to live up to his reputation as a popular Hip-Hop mogul. The condo association filed a lien back in November to foreclose Baby’s home RIGHT before Christmas. Sheesh! What a way to spend the holidays. Looks like he needs that Weezy money after all and FAST. Release the album!!!!!

(Video) Rick Ross Battles It Out With Forbes On How Much He REALLY Makes

Rick Ross the boss has never bit his tongue in regards to his feelings towards Forbes. Every year they release a list giving a better insight into the financial status of the top dawgs in the Hip-Hop game. However, Rozay claims he makes way more than they reported. If you heard the MMG rapper’s intro to his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape, you know how he REALLY feels about the extremely popular yet controversial list. (Hint: it’s not very nice.) Ross and Forbes finally had a sit-down and battled it out one-on-one to determine whose numbers are more accurate. Check it out below!

What Makes Mothers Want To Shout And Spank??

Don’t let the “Shout and Spank” lead you on. This has nothing to do with Farrah Abraham. This about real world mothers. In a recent study, the cause of angry, or more upset, mothers is due to financial insecurity. The stress of the economy plays a part as well, which makes maternal parenting slightly more stressful. Hit the jump for more info.

Toni Braxton Gets Outbid For Her OWN Songs?!

Toni Braxton made a deal for $20,000 dollars that she could buy back some of her songs that she lost after filing for bankruptcy. However the only catch was that Braxton could be OUTBID by anyone else for her own music catalog. Unfortunately for the R&B songstress, Ross M. Klein was the man who put up almost DOUBLE for her tracks and snatched them up from her without her even knowing. Yep, “She Aint Even Know It” (Rick Ross Voice).

Smart Tips When It Comes To Disaster Planning

You may know a relative or friend that has experienced natural disasters, but what if a disaster affects you directly? Do you know what to do??

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