(Photos) Katy Perry Spends $500K On Five Cars For Who?!

The beautiful singer Katy Perry buys five Fisker Karma cars totaling $500,000. The Fisker Karma are “eco-friendly” cars that has quickly grabbed the attention of high profile celebrities. Find out who she bought the cars for after the jump!

Auto:(Photos) What Did Rapper The Game Do Now?

Yesterday I did a story about the rapper Game wanting you guys to help him pick the color of his new Fisker Karma that he was trying to pick up, which you can read about by clicking HERE. Well seems the people have spoken and the man that loves red just added a little more red to his life. He decided on the cranberry color Karma. In the pic it looks more like a fire red but that is only because the pic game posted was from Instagram. The ride definitely looks dope, and it looks like he couldn’t handle it. He posted a pic of him laying in the street in front of the car looking like he was ran over. But according to his post in Instagram it was just happiness that made him faint in front of the car. The Game has cars that are better than this one, so I don’t think the love affair will last too long. But in the mean time, check out the gallery after the jump and let us know whart you think. How many of you hit him up in Instagram and told him go red? P.S., Did I mention he bought 3 more Karma’s for his friends? Nice Guy

Auto:(Photos) The Game Wants Your Help..Yes, Again!

Just last week we did a story on the rapper Game wanting his fans help to choose a new paint color for his Chevy Camaro. You can read about that HERE. Now he is back at it, but this time he wants your help with a new Fisker Karma. He again went on Instagram yesterday and asked his fans to help him choose what color Karma he should go with. He couldn’t decide, so he went directly to the factory instead of just a dealership. If you follow him on Instagram @thegame, go ahead and hit him up and give him your opinion. Check out the gallery for the pic he posted.

Auto:(Photo) Being A Werewolf Pays Well, Ask Taylor Lautner

Even if your not a screaming teenage girl, odds are you know Taylor Lautner. One of the stars of the “Twilight” series of movies, you know he has to spend that Hollywood money on something. We have already seen a few of his rides over the past couple years. But this new Fisker Karma he pulled out for some pre-oscar parties is up there with any other ride. Check out the pic in the gallery after the jump.

(Video) Mac Miller Working In The Studio With Who ???

Complex has made Mac Miller the online cover story and there is no question as to why. Since, starting this rap thing at the age of 15, Mac has been on a roll. Mac’s filming his new MTV2 reality show, his YouTube page has logged more than 400 million views, he has more than 3 million followers on Twitter, and more than 3 million likes on Facebook. Now that’s a solid fan base, especially for an independent artist. While driving in a sexy a** “FISKER KARMA” he fills us in on his ventured project called, “Pink Slime,” and it’s with a someone that’s produced many of hits. Drop down bottom and check it out.

Auto:(Auto Show Pics) You’ve Never Heard Of This Car…But You Should!!

At first glance it looks like a regular Fisker Karma right? You couldn’t be more wrong. On the surface, yes , it is absolutely a Fisker Karma, but that is where it ends. VL Automotive created their version of the Karma, and dubbed it “Destino”. Everything under the hood has been replaced. There is a monster super charged, V8 engine directly from the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 that spits out a scary 638HP. There is a version with a manual transmission as well. Start saving your pennies though because when this car does hit the market, it is going to be priced around $180,000. Still if your a car lover this would a car you can dream of. Check the gallery above for pics from the auto show. IamJOE357

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