Look At The Wheels: Check Out Justin Bieber’s $100k Birthday Present!

Today the Biebs is an official adult, and his manager Scooter got him a nice set of wheels to commemorate the occasion! Scooter copped him a Fisker Karma…a super-exclusive, luxury hybrid car that starts around $100k. And that’s WITHOUT any of the added amenities you know he had to throw in! Look at the mothaf*ckin wheelssss below. Marisa Mendez

Auto Talk: A123 confirms Fisker Karma batteries could have cooling problem

Battery maker A123 has announced that batteries it supplied to Fisker Automotive for its Karma range-extended luxury sedan might have “misaligned” hose clamps for the cooling system, which could cause coolant to leak. Unabated, A123 admits the leak could cause an electrical short-circuit. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Fisker hikes Karma price… again… now above $100k

When you’re starting up a new luxury automaker – especially a high-end one – it’s easy for prices to quickly escalate beyond their anticipated targets. And that’s just what’s happened with the Fisker Karma. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: EPA says Fisker Karma is a 2.5-ton subcompact

The Fisker Karma is 16.5 feet long and tips the scales at 5,300 pounds. Sounds more like a 1960s Lincoln than an extended-range green machine capable of 32 miles on electric power alone, doesn’t it? Actually, if you ask the Environmental Protection Agency, the Karma is a lot more like a subcompact. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Fisker bringing Karma shooting brake to Frankfurt

Look at the Fisker Karma from most angles, and you’re bound to be taken by its svelte lines and sumptuous curves. Less so, one might argue, with the split grille that dominates the nose. But that’s not the part that celebrated designer Henrik Fisker and his team are reportedly tweaking for the Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s the tail. Funk Flex Find Flex on Google +

2012 Fisker Karma

Fisker Automotive firmly intends to use a lighter weight dedicated three- or four-cylinder inline engine in the next generation of Fisker cars after the range of Karma variants and Delaware-built Project Nina models have all been launched. @funkmasterflex

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