Asap Rocky and Kendall Jenner Are Reportedly Having “Fling”

There have been a lot of rumors thrown around lately about Rocky and Kendall but it looks like an insider finally set the record straight.

Zac Efron And Michelle Rodriguez Spotted Kissing?!

Well, this is kinda unexpected. Especially considering Michelle Rodriguez’ last fling was with a chick, right? She did reveal earlier this year that she’s bi-sexual though and that would explain these new rumors. Apparently Michelle and Zac Efron have been spotted smooching in Sardinia where they have been vacationing lately. Find out more after the jump!

(Check The Pics!) Justin Bieber’s Old Flame Has A DOPE Bod!

Jordan Ozuna shared a snap to Instagram from Justin Bieber’s Atlanta mansion on Monday. Justin Bieber was seen kissing Jordan last year in June, pictured in Atlanta earlier this month. See the photo of her dope bod below!

Tech Talk Gaming: Mobile App “Fling!” Is FREE For Android!!!

That’s right, Popular Single Player game “Fling!”, that is one of the Top Selling Paid Apps in iTunes, But it’s FREE Now in the Android Marketplace, Hit the Jump to See More and Download for yourself! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Shopping: iPhone Joysticks Available!!!

Ok this is very interesting, these mobile gaming extra’s are called Fling mini, and they taking gaming on the iPhone to the next level, only problem is, they take up damn near the whole screen, so what do you want, performance or Sight??? If Performance hit the Jump for Pricing and Link. Tat WZA

iPad Gets A Joy Stick(Pause)

The Joystick-It, ThinkGeek’s all-aluminum joy stick(Pause) for on-screen control pad’s, will cost $24.95, available by the end of January…see Details. @TatWza

The iPad D-Pad…Fling Into Gaming Action!!!!

For $24.95 Ten One Design has the Fling tactile game controller for your iPad which overlays a virtual D-pad with a physical mini joystick…This is Clean!!! Dee Details for the Video. @TatWza

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