(Photo + Video) Uber Has Now Hired NASA To Help Them Develop Flying Cars

Uber is talking big things now as they have just hired NASA to help them develop flying cars. Engineer Mark Moore will be the helping brain behind it all.

(Photos) Planes Will Now Stack People?

If you’re claustrophobic, you might want to pop a Xanax before flying in the future. Check out these photos of the proposed diagram Airbus submitted for patent.

(Video) Sports: Ouch! Monster Hit Sends NHL Player Flying Off Glass

Phil Kessel, of the Toronto Maple Leafs, literally helped wipe the glass at last night’s game against the Dallas Stars. The monster hit on Phil Kessel was done by none other than Dallas’ Antoine Roussel. Don’t you just love a “clean hit that sends a player flying like someone messed with the sliders in a video game.” Hit the jump to check out the crazy hit!

(Video) Smoking Section: Miley Cyrus Turns Her Private Jet Into Her Playland, Smokes Weed & More!

Miley Cyrus has taken to her Instagram to show that the sky is not the limit when it comes to her; as she has documented the conversion of her private jet into her own personal traveling club! Cyrus posted a few videos of herself dancing, rapping and smoking some weed, all while appearing to fly on her private jet. Watch as Cyrus takes flight.

(Video) Deadly Wingsuit Accident In The Swiss Alps

Marc Sutton had the world astonished at one point when he was dressed as James Bond; parachuting into Olympic Stadium in London during the 2012 Olympics. However, being the high-risk stuntman that he was cost him his life.

(PHOTO) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Flies In Comfort!

OF COURSE Floyd Mayweather flies in comfort, why wouldn’t he?! Most of us will never experience flying like this, but it’s just what Floyd does! It gives me something to keep aiming for. Lol. Check out the pic he shared…

(Photo) Rihanna On Her Falcon S*** !!!

Of course RiRi has a high-speed, high-flying  bird tattooed on her foot! Can this tattoo symbolize something? Wish she would tell us what! Hit the jump Steph Bassanini

(Update) An Artist Turns Dead Pet Into Flying Object!

Had some photos of the yesterday on #IFWT about this “interesting” science project, well not we have video! Hit the jump to check it out. Steph Bassanini X ShottaDru

(Photos)An Artist Turns Dead Pet Into Flying Object!

A former cat owner was devastated when his cat was run over by a car. After his mourning period he decided to something about it and made his dead cat into a flying helicopter.  He stuffed his cat, attached flying devices on him and the cat named,Orville, successfully flew! Hit the jump for the dead cat, flying pics! Steph Bassanini

(Video) Teen Goes Flying In The Air After Getting Struck By Car!!!

Check out this video of a kid getting struck by a speeding car. The kid goes flying in the air and from the angle the car does not look like it stopped. Click below to see the video. @WiLMajor

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