Dumb Ass News Of The Day: Porn Star Let “Playboy Of Instagram” Throw Her Off Roof!

Y’all really be doing the most on IG! Is a broken foot worth a couple hundred likes!? Apprantley it was for a porn star in California. A 19 year old porn actress let the “Playboy of Instagram” throw her off his Hollywood Hills roof into a pool. Safe to say she went no where near the pool and ultimately broke her foot..AND THEN went into the pool. Watch this sh!t after the jump!

(*Warning*Graphic*Video*) OUCH: Pedestrian In NYC Loses Foot From Reckless Taxi Driver

Make sure to have a plastic bag in front of you while watching this video because it will probably make you lose your lunch. A pedestrian in Midtown Manhattan was walking when an out-of-control taxi driver caused an accident that resulted in the woman losing her foot. OUCCCCCCCCH. Hit the jump to peep the graphic video.

(Photos) Fisherman Finds WHAT While Fishing?!?!

On old shows and and cartoons, when a newcomer to the fishing game would try it out, they’d often catch an old boot or shoe. More recently, one man found an old shoe. The difference is, this found shoe had a severed foot inside of it. Imagine the surprise of that, upset after finding just a shoe while fishing, then noticing a foot in it. Hit the jump for more info.

(Photos) Yuck! Woman Finds THIS In Her Chicken Breast!!!

In a package of chicken breast similar to the one above, a woman noticed something very out of the ordinary. At a branch of Safeways food store in Phoenix, Arizona, the woman notice the foot of a chicken in one of the packages. Disgusting… unless you’re into that. She wasted no time blasting the store. Check it out after the jump.

Wait What?! Russian Man Arrested For Kicking His Friends A** !!!

This guy took the phrase “Putting my foot up your a**” to a whole nother level! Hit the jump for more!

MTA Bus Severs 84 Year Old Mans Foot

An 84 year old man was crossing the street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan against the “right of way” and his foot was ran over and severed by an MTA bus. FunkFlex

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