(Video) T.I. Brings Out B.o.B. At DTLR Concert

After signing autographs at he Down Town Locker Room at South Dekalb Mall, T.I. linked up with B.o.B. to give the crowd a free show at the DTLR concert. Trouble Man on store shelves now. See the footage below..

(Video) Kanye West Live Performance Footage From Revel In Atlantic City

Kanye hit Revel Ovation Hall for the first of three shows. See the mask and outfit everyone was talking about/the complete set below.. Biz Baby

(Videos) OMG! Shark Tank Cracks Open In A Shopping Center In China! (3 Sharks Dead.. 15 People Injured)

Last week, when shoppers came and went from a Shanghai shopping center, a 33-ton decorative aquarium in the lobby all of a sudden cracks open, which sent gallons of fish, water, turtles and three live sharks to come out and land on top of people nearby. Unfortunately 3 sharks died and 15 people were injured. See the scary footage after the jump! Biz Baby

(Video) SMH: Tone Trump Gets Into Fight With Meek Mill’s Artist Louie V Gutta In Philly

I hate having to report about new beef in hip-hop, especially when it turns to violence! On wax it’s all good, but anything past that never turns out well! A beef has been brewing between Philly rappers Tone Trump and Louie V Gutta (one of Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers artists) and it turned physical over the weekend at the Philly Hip-Hop Awards. Apparently some tweets upset Louie and his crew, and they approached Tone outside the venue and proceeded to jump him. Footage is below. I hope this doesn’t escalate any further! Marisa Mendez

(Video) Proof Eagle Snatches Baby Video Is Fake

Recently a video went viral showing an Golden Eagle swoop down on a baby and try to carry him off like a quick snack. The video was created by design students using 3D effects with the hopes of going viral and with over 18 million hits we can certainly call that a success but even the creators couldn’t have fathomed it would have done this well. Watch the video for more. PaulDaPro

(Video) WTF?! Poor Baby!! Eagle Attacks & Snatches Up A Baby Off The Ground!

Family day was being spent at a Montreal park in Canada when suddenly an eagle just swoops down from the sky and takes a baby right up off the ground!! The baby was lifted about 2 feet of the ground and luckily was too heavy to go up any further. The baby fell back on the ground, unharmed. Video was just uploaded yesterday & already has over a million views. See the crazy footage after the jump!

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