(Photos) REAL iPhone 6 Frame And More Leaks, See How Thin It Is!!!!

This shows us a couple things, like yes how thin it is, and it’s going to be metal, Not plastic!

Woman Frames Teen, Plants Gun In Backpack Calls Police!!

Heather Hodges a Texas woman was arrested on charges of carrying a weapon on restricted premises and transferring a firearm to a minor. Hodges planted the gun in her boyfriend’s son’s back pack and then called school officials to warn them that the boy had brought a gun to school. The boy who wishes to go unnamed was searched and the campus police found an unloaded 9 MM handgun in his back pack, however the boy was cleared of all wrong doing. Hodges bail was posted at $20,000 but I doubt her boyfriend will be bailing her out any time soon. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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