NEW MUSIC: Tyga – Tyga Montana

The YMCMB Cali representer takes a shot over Future and labelmate Drizzy’s hit, Tony Montana. Take a listen after the jump. Marisa Mendez

Tech Talk Games: Id Software’s Future With Wii U

With a few ‘core’ titles, such as Vigil’s Darksiders II, on the release schedule for Wii U, what do other hardcore studios think of Nintendo’s upcoming console? There are few with more hardcore cred than id Software, and studio president Todd Hollenshead offered some perspective. @TatWZA @Yungjhonnybravo

Tech Talk Gaming: Flash Has The Future Of Mobile Gaming???

Adobe Flash Has Dropped the newest Authoring Tools that could very well lead to the Graphics in the Video After the Jump, So watch that then let me know what You think!! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Green: Meet The Commercial Biofuel Rocket Jet Of The Future!!!

This is kinda cool, but it won’t touch down for a while! preproduction won’t begin until 2020, and you won’t be able to actually board a flight until 2050, but when it does take flight, it won’t spill an ounce of emissions until it’s in the upper atmosphere, and in the lower atmosphere it spills seaweed based bio fuel, but see the video for yourself!! Tat WZA

Tech Devices: The Future Is Here

With companies belting out new devices what it seems like every week, Polymer Vision is now taking technology to the next step.  They have stepped it up by previewing their rollable screen. @TatWZA @YBJ

Tech Talk Trailer: Could “Real Steel” Be The Future Of Boxing???

The technology in this movie looks pretty cool, but honestly that’s not why I’m posting this, the Movie looks like Real-Life Rock-em-Sock-em!!! Tough, So I thought You Should See It!!! Tell Me You Don’t want to See This?!?!?!?!?? But I have a question, would you Like to watch Boxing if it were 2 Robots bashing on each other? I mean they do say boxing isn’t as exciting as it used to be, but is this the Answer? Please leave a comment, or Hit @gametimegirl, Or @TatWZA

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