(Video) How To Hack Your Weapons For Watch Dogs Gameplay!!

Watch Dogs could possibly be the Game Of The Year, It looks like it’s Ony real competiotion is COD Ghosts(Of course), and No Doubt GTA V…This will be an interesting hardcore gamer year! Hit the Jump, but only if you’re a serious gamer!!

Twitch TV App Launches For THIS Game Console!!!

Twitch TV app was released today for Xbox 360. The app is availble now to download but is only available for gold-level Xbox Live subscribers.

Will Special Controllers Help Mobile Take Over Gaming???

With the soaring growth in mobile gaming, comes a high demand for more! How can we game more, what more can we do with games, and how can we keep it mobile? Well many companies are stepping outside of the box; not so much the development of software as it is the hardware that could make the difference. Hit the jump to see some some cool new gadgets perfect for the mobile gamer this holiday season. Tat Wza

LIVE: Hot97 x Rockstar Games x Maino x Uncle Murda x Dj Bobby Trends x Dj Kast One RIGHT NOW!!!!!

We’ve Been talking about it for over a week, and the time is Here, But it’s Not too late, go to RockStargames.com, sign up to Play against us RIGHT NOW, Or if you’re in some type of passive mode, Just View us Right here, Right Now!!! Tat Wza

Tech Talk Event: Hot97 x Rockstar Games x Maino x Uncle Murda June 26th LIVE!!!!

I am Very Excited to bring some gaming pleasure to the On-line community we have here on IFWT, & Hot97.com, and there was NO Company I would rather work with than My People’s over at Rockstar Games, with legendary titles under their belt like GTA, Midnight Club, L.A. Noir, Red Dead Redemption, and of course, the title that spawned a Movie…MAX PAYNE!!!! Part 3 is out and with the New Multi-player feature….Well Hit the Jump for the Details That You Need to know!! Tat WZA

(Video)Tech Talk Gaming: Is This How you Prank Call Game Stop???

This is mildly funny, yet some of the prank questions really have run across all of our minds. Game Stop, although we love gaming, can be the type of place we would want to Prank call. Hit the Jump! +TatWZA

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