(Photo) Singer Lloyd Graduates Finally !

Southside singer graduates from high school check it out after the jump

NBA: Lebron James Is Now Helping Adults In Ohio Get Their GED

Lebron loves the kids and he is trying to show the same love to the parents of kids in his Lebron James Foundation. To be more specific, parents of children enrolled in his academy that will help provide free college to more than 1,000 students in the greater Akron area. He wants to help the parents succeed as well by helping those who don’t have their GED be able to get it.

Azealia Banks Wants To Go Back To School!

Harlem femcee Azealia Banks is infamous for starting controversy online with basically…. every single rapper in the industry. However come to find out, the slick talker doesn’t even have her GED or her license! Banks took to her Twitter to say, “I want to get my GED/TASC and my drivers license by the end of 2015.” She then asked, “How does one take an online course? what does that entail?” As imagined, people started ripping Banks a new one, asking how she’s going to always criticize everyone else but didn’t even graduate high school and can’t even drive a car. OUCH! She is 24-years-old so at this point, it’s now or never. Do you agree with the Azealia slander or is she getting props for trying to at least go back to get her GED now? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts on this.

Young Chop Talks Higher Education, Says ‘It Isn’t For Everybody’

Chi-town producer Young Chop has taken to Vlad TV to discuss his thoughts on going to high school or advancing to college, to which he states is not for every one. Chop stated that he would never want to taint the image of those who further their education, but personally it is not for himself, nor for everybody, Check out his full interview here.

(Video) Lil Boosie Reveals Motivation For Getting His GED While Incarcerated!

Lil Boosie has taken to Vlad TV to discuss his true motivation behind getting his GED, while in prison, and it is no surprise that family played a big part. Boosie stated that he got his GED as well as 8 or nine other certificates, to be a positive influence on his kids. Check out the full interview below.

(Photos + Video) Lil Wayne Chats It Up With Katie Couric & Admits, WHO Made Him Drop Out Of High School?!

What do you know about Lil Wayne, Ms. Katie Couric?! Apparently, plenty. The skateboarding rapper was ending his, America’s Most Wanted tour in America (on his way to Europe next) when he had sit down with the day time television host to review many topics. Would you believe it, Lil Wayne’s mother is the one requested that he drop out of school, and got him his own hand-gun? WHOA! He doesn’t regret not finishing high school at all but, “all my kids…you are finishing high school,” Lil Wayne said to the cameras. LOL! I know that’s right WEEZY F. BABY! Hit the jump for that and more.

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