Floods In Ghana Has Left Ten People Dead

Four days of constant heavy rain has left ten people dead in Ghana. The streets of Accra have been left under water after the torrential downpours caused widespread flooding earlier this week. The nation’s capital was hit with 185mm or rain and it was more than what they expected for the entire month of June. This is the wettest month of the year with an average rainfall of 178mm.

(Video) Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana

Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana while the latest album from D’Angelo in 15 years shook the world and has the #1 slot in a chokehold, more than a few eyes are on one of Hip Hop’s most beloved female lyricists, songstress and icon. Many are dreaming with their eyes open in hopes of another legendary album drop as Lauryn Hill Performs First Concert In Ghana a few days ago. Part of “Afrobeats Big Festival” the one Ms. Hill, in good voice, style, and sound wowed crowds with her world class re-imagined set of “The Miseducation,” classic Fugees, Bob Marley tributes and eternal star power.

(Video) Chris Brown Wanted For Smoking Weed On Stage In Ghana

Chris Brown seems to have quite the issue with authority, whether it be here in the states, or off somewhere else Chris is going to do what he wants when he wants and nothing anybody says is really going to make a difference. Recently footage of the R&B singer was shown from a performance of his in Ghana where Brown not only smoked a blunt on stage but it was a planned part of the show including theatrics, as if he were promoting breaking the laws. Some music fans as well as some of Ghana’s public officials are up in arms against it. It doesn’t surprise me one bit though I must say, it didn’t surprise me when I found out he didn’t do that community service, honestly I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of Breezy yet. I just hope we haven’t seen the best of him yet either. Hit the jump for the video.

Breaking News: A Cargo Plane Crashes And Slams Into Bus!

A cargo plane crashes leaving Ghana’s capital, but did not fall into an open space!  The cargo plane crashed right into a bus filled with passengers.  Stay tuned as details emerge. Steph Bassanini

Check The Pics!! (NSFW!!) Nude Pics Leak Of Ghanaian Actress Angela Tabiri!!

Some nude pictures of a Ghanaian actress, Angela Tabiri, who is also a popular face on Television in Ghana have leaked online. Apparently, Tabiri fainted when she saw that the pics had leaked online and blamed the whole situation on her boyfriend. Check out the pics after the jump! *Warning NSFW* @DJTech4

(Photos) Amber Rose’s Journey to Africa

Despite her latest leak of pics on the web, Wiz’s wifey headed down to Ghana over the weekend to talk to an all-girls school about women empowerment.”The guys played the drums for me & said they wanted to Welcome me home, naturally I told them I wasn’t from Africa & They said “We r all brothers & sisters everyone comes from Africa Welcome home Amber” #Deep.” She also shared she’d “made a lot of mistakes in my life & they’ve come back to haunt me, but now I have the opportunity 2 talk to girls all over the world & to let them know that they should chose a better way & not follow in my footsteps. These girls are Awesome & it was a true blessing meeting them today they have inspired me!” Check out some pics from the journey below! Marisa Mendez

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