(Video) NBA: LOL Gilbert Arenas Tells Nick Young Get Off Phone With Iggy ‘We got bitches to f–k!’

No Chill Gilbert Arenas is at it again with his favorite punching bag/friend Nick Young.

(Video) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Says He Goes in on Nick Young’s Son Because He Used to be a ‘Vagina’

There’s a wide-spread belief that you have to raise boys a certain way.  You have to be tougher and can’t coddle them or they’ll grow up to be soft.  No Chill Gilbert Arenas has filmed himself being extra hard on Nick Young’s four-year-old son Nick Young Jr., but Arenas says he had to.

(Photos) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Has Funny Response to Report Saying He Has Beef With Nick Young

As I said before, you seriously have to have a thick skin to be friends with Gilbert Arenas; his Instagram name is no.chill.gil and he’s exactly as described.  He and Nick Young were teammates on the Washington Wizards and have been friends for quite some time but their relationship is still strange to most.

(Video) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Broke Into Nick Young’s Home & Hilariously Tortured Him & His Son

Nick Young probably can’t stand Gilbert Arenas right now. The two friends go back to their days together with the Wizards and have been close ever since but after the way Gil showed up at Nick’s house and annoyed the hell out of him & his son, he might want to keep his distance for a bit. Arenas hopped the fence at Nick’s house yesterday and let himself in. The hilarity started the moment he walked in.

(Photos) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Goes IN on Bulls For Trading Derrick Rose For ‘Lotto Tickets’

In a shocking move, the Chicago Bulls traded Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks.  In exchange for Rose, Justin Holiday and a 2017 second-round pick, the Bulls received Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon, and Jerian Grant.  While some people feel the Knicks gave up too much for an injured Rose, others feel they gave up next to nothing for the former MVP.  Gilbert Arenas was part of the latter group.

NBA: Gilbert Arenas Jokes on Nick Young Getting Dumped & Taking Him to Strip Club For Raw Sex

You gotta have a thick skin to be friends with Gilbert Arenas, after all, his name is ‘no chill Gil’.  Some thought he and Nick Young became enemies but no, they just play differently than most and are really good friends.  Previously Arenas said he was going to throw Young’s bachelor party but Nick joked back that Gilbert wasn’t even invited.  Well now that Iggy Azalea kicked Nick to the curb, Arenas took to his Instagram account with a few more jokes for his friend.

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