Bye, Bish: Tomi Lahren Officially FIRED From ‘The Blaze’ Over Previous Pro-Abortion Comments

Last week, racist conservative bimbo Tomi Lahren was suspended from her network The Blaze, after her boss Glenn Beck did not like her pro-abortion comments on The View. She has now officially been fired.

(Video) Conspiracy Or Nah? Glenn Beck Says Ferguson/Baltimore Riots Were Set Up By The Government

Glenn Beck might be on to something here. In this video he implies that the government has set us up, so the Dept. of Justice can take control of all the policing in the country. He says the rioting in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore are mostly fueled by people from out of town, sent in to manipulate and “wind everyone up”. Check it out and form your own opinion!

(Video) Say WHAT?!? Glenn Beck Compares Paula Deen To Martin Luther King Jr.?!?

The conservative right-wing pundits have said some crazy stuff in the last couple of years, but this is just laughable. Glenn Beck starts out by defending Paula Deen and then goes off the deep end. Are you serious? You really went and compared the two? You must see this ridiculous video after the jump.

(Video) MUST SEE! Glenn Beck Reveals Info About Boston Bombings, Says He Has Proof That Government Lied And Covered It Up!

Glenn Beck has revealed shocking information that the government and media has been lying and covering up what really happened in Boston. In the video below, he presents a lot of evidence proving that the government was involved, and insists that we shouldn’t trust the government or media about what really happened. Definitely a must-see video!! Click below to watch.

(Video) Glenn Beck Calls Hurricane Irene A Blessing

Glenn Beck has called Hurricane Irene a blessing. According to Beck, it will remind people that we are not in control and God is. According to Beck, Irene will teach Irene to be prepared for disasters.  I understand that Mother Nature is the only enemy that people cannot fight off, but a “blessing” that’s a bit much, Glenn. Watch what he had to say after the jump. @Julie1205

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