SMH…. This Gmail Setting Is NOW Permanent

Last October, Google released a preview of the new Gmail set up and that version came with an option to turn off the new composition setting. Well, starting today, the pop=window will be a default in Gmail’s web client. The company received a lot of positive feed back so they decided to keep it. Pretty soon, all Gmail accounts will have the compose in the corner.

Google Updates Gmail Web UI

Today Google made a new announcement that it was updating their mobile web app for Gmail and their Gmail Offline Chrome App. The new update features a overhaul of the visuals.  With improvements with the search and newer Google calendar integration .”Today we’re rolling out a similar refreshed look to the Gmail mobile web app as well as Gmail Offline ( that includes many of these same changes. Try it out at in the browser of your Android, iOS, Blackberry or Kindle Fire device.” Peep the new lay out after the break

NBA Jokes: Dwight Howard’s Gmail Inbox Revealed!! Messages From LeBron, Jay-Z, Kobe & More!!

Yo, this sh*t is hilarious!!!  Of course this isn’t Dwight’s real Gmail inbox, but this will give you a good laugh for the day.  Check out Dwight’s email as he gets messages from Big Baby, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Jay-Z & more.  Make sure you read the entire page.  *You’re Welcome*

Google Says Law Enforcement Needs Search Warrants Before Raiding Gmail Accounts

Google is looking to stop law enforcement in gaining access to gmail accounts without the users permission. Google’s Chris Gaither said to gain access to an account law enforcement will new a “an ECPA search warrant” for them to “compel us to produce content in Gmail.” This goes back to the CIA who was busted with sending out embarrassing emails. CIA agents were able to access his account without a an ECPA search warrant. This is a battle Google is probably going to do since the US government does what it wants.

Bring Everyone Together With ‘Google Hangout’

Getting the whole family together for the holidays can often be a difficult task. Travel issues, financial problems, work or even the weather are all reasons to keep loved ones apart. No one ever wants to be alone for the holidays but sometimes we don’t have a choice. Stuck, stranded and lonely… What could you possibly do? Why not ‘Hangout?’ Tat Wza

Google Completely Rebuilds Gmail App

This morning Google released some great news, an announcement about their new update to their Gmail App. The app had an outdated appearence and lacked a comfortable UI. Version 2.0 is sleek, fast and feature packed! Hit the jump for pics and download link. Tat Wza

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