(Photos) Alleged Leaks iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus!

It’s that time of the year when pics of the newest iPhone start to leak and people want to get as much info as possible out of what they think they see, well the shell has allegedly leaked so let’s look at it!

(18+ Video) Lmao: Threesome Goes Wrong After Dude Gets Caught Trying To Broadcast It

Yes, Houston we have a problem. This dude got caught trying to have a threesome with a couple of girls and broadcast it on the chaturbate website without telling them. Hit the jump to find out what happened next.

(Video) With Flappy Bird Dead In Stores, Is “Ironpants” A Good Replacement?!?

Flappy Bird is indeed gone from The App Store, but I do still see it in Google play, I’m sure that’s because Google Play is always just a step behind The App Store. So what do we do now, how can we fill up those hours we have learned to waist playing Flappy Bird?? Well don’t fret, I’ve found a similar game to take up that train ride time, “Ironpant”!!

“Old” Kanye Debuts At No. 4 On Billboard Charts, But The Song Isn’t From Yeezus!!!

Earlier this month we showed you a video of Marina Shifrin quitting her job in an unconventional way. Many should have noticed her music she dances to. If not, it’s Kanye West’s Gone from his Late Registration album. Turns out that the album holds true to it’s name. Hit the jump to find out how.

(Video) Queen Latifah Gives Job Offer To Marina Shifrin A.K.A The Girl Who Quit Her Job To Kanye’s “Gone”

After Marina Shifrin exposed her resignation from her Next Media Animation job by creating a clever video, she set the internet on fire as she did some interpretive dancing around the empty office to none other than Kanye West’s “Gone”. Shifrin has been interviewing with media since the video gained popularity and as she sat down with the Queen, Latifah, the newly unemployed comedian was given a big surprise, hit the jump for more details!

(Video) Girl Gets Down, Then Gets Out! Check Out How One Woman Decides To Quit Her Job!!

Where to start? Nowadays, since the internet’s so easily accessible, it isn’t as hard as it once was to create a viral video. But, at the same time, many have to beware of fake videos –those meant to only increase views. For example, the girl who’s twerking caused a fire. This Brooklyn woman seems to be legit. Her now viral video has been relatively successful because of her approach to a real life situation that some people relate to. She decided to quit her job due to her boss’ cutthroat tactics. Check out why and how after the jump.

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