(Photos) Google Glass 2.0 Is On Its Way From Italy!

The future of wearable technology is very bright. Italian eyewear maker Luxottica has confirmed that they are working with Google on the second generation of the futuristic pair of glasses. Luxottica is better known for being the company behind Oakley and Ray-ban so you can imagine the design of Google Glass 2.0 is going to be on point. The Wall Street Journal reported that Luxottica had a meeting at its Milan headquarters discussing the preparation for their next big project. Check out the the details and timeline for the release of Google Glass 2.0 after the jump!

New Google Glassware App: MyRadar

A new app has appeared in the official Glassware directory today. MyRadar also available on iOS and Android thought that bringing its service to a wearable form would be quite useful. You can now use MyRadar is a fast and to the point weather Glassware. IFWT Tech Tat Wza says, “There actually a good few new glassware apps, but Google really needs to address glass users about the new hardware upgrade that the older users are allegedly NOT getting, not cool -_-” Laura Rodriguez @P_E_A_C_H_Y_ To launch MyRadar on Glass simply say “Show the weather” and you’ll see an animated radar screen based on your current location.

New Glassware For Google Glass

Google Glass went on sale last week and Google already has three new apps lined up. The Glassware or Glass apps are TripIt, Foursquare and OpenTable. Through these new Glassware traveling, discovering new places and reserving dinner at your favorite restaurant is made easy.

(Video) Google Glass Users Being Attacked Because Of Tech Hate?!

I’ve been hearing these reports for a while now, and as a Glass explorer, I have to say you guys hating are completely idiots!!

Alert: Google Glass Open To The Public in The Morning!!

I will say this, if you are NOT committed to understanding how technology gets ‘figured out’, understanding that it’s NOT going to be the device you think is going to change your life as soon as you get it, then it’s NOT for you, But if you DO understand you would be apart of an limited group of people(Explorers) that will help bring this to market the way the general public will love it, then please go right ahead!!!!

(Video) Is Google Taking Charge Of The ‘Wearable’ Market?!

If you don’t really know, ‘Wearable Tech’ is the Wave coming that will be the ‘it’ devices, so think the popularity of iPhone across many devices that you wear somewhere on your body…ie Google Glass, Galaxy Gear, Pebble Smartwatch, the alleged Apple iWatch, etc etc.

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