(18+*Photos) iOS, Android, And Now Google Glass Have ‘Adult’ Apps?!

Adult Apps seem to be on the Rise, But at a user’s peril, since some of them come with Malware. Especially since all adult apps are 3rd party, meaning NOT in the Apple App store, OR Google Play. But yet some ‘Adults’ are curious about them, so we looked at a couple.

(Photos) Google Glass Updates With Some Cool Features!!

So I’m paying attention to the Glass forum non stop, as I am really excited to be apart of the explorer program, staying ahead of the Tech curve, but that’s just who I am. Glass does a lot already, but since it’s in Beta, it gets new and exciting features all the time, and today is one of those days!!

(Photo) Google Glass To Be A Major Part Of The Super Bowl?!

Fellow Glass member has announced on the Glass forum that Thanks to Rochester Optical, a company working on Glass prescription’s for people, will have CBS Sports anchor, John Kucko wearing a pair for the ‘CBS Google Glass Sports Video of the Day’.

(Photos) Man Detained By The FBI At The Movies Because He Had Google Glass

A man in the Glass Explorer Program posted on the Glass forum user’s have, that he has gone through a horrible event while going to the movies with his wife, and after the speeding ticket that most of America knows about, at least the part of America that knows about Glass, I thought y’all would want to know about this!

Wait What?! Sony Files A Patent For A ‘Smart Wig’ ?!?

Ummm, I know wearable Tech is the new movement, I mean Google Glass is leading the biggest charge, and Samsung has galaxy gear watches, but Sony has filed for the latest piece that may join the tech wearable article….a wig 0_0

(Video) Young Guru Let’s Us Know About His Google Glass Experience

I have been waiting for for an invite for a little while now, waiting to the point I started to lose my excitement. But as I ran across this footage of extraordinary music producer, Young Guru, having such a beautiful tech experience, I have been reinvigorated with excitement!!

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