(Video) Here’s How Someone Picks Out Google Glass!!!

So a good friend of mine got invited to be apart of the Google Glass Exploration program, a program that’s in beta and not available to the public, which makes very important for testing to make it right for when it is avail to the public!!

Wait What??? Someone Got A Ticket For Wearing Google Glass?!

Ummm, This is beyond ridiculous, especially coming out of California, the state where Tech lives! Apparently they have idiotic law out there about ‘Monitors being in site of a driver’, and also apparently that includes Google Glass.

Google Glass Might Be Available WHERE?!

According to rumors Google is renting 6,000 square feet inside every Best Best next year to showcase and sell Google Glass. This is good news considering those people that are interested in Glass won’t have to go to such far lengths to get the device. Also this might be a step in the right direction considering companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung have stores within stores at Best Buy locations.

THIS Might Be Available In The Next Benz!!!!

Mercedes-Benz and Google are working on a new type of door-to-door navigation using Google Glass. But this would not serve as your regular navigation system it will literally give you turn by turn directions to your destination even after you park your car.

NBA:(Cool Video) Roy Hibbert Uses Google Glass During Workout

We have all seen NBA players wearing microphones during games so we can hear the action as if we were on the court. But no player has ever had some type of camera on them so we can SEE the game how they see it. Even though this was just a workout, Roy Hibbert is the first NBA player to wear these google glass while he was on the court. The Pacers big man let us see how it looks from the point of view of knocking down a jump shot, or attacking the rim with a dunk. Hit the jump for the video.

Google Glass Allowed Users To Do WHAT?!!

Google Glass opened invites allowing Google Glass Explorers to invite a friend, there were just a few requirements of course. The person must be a US resident, over the age of 18, have a way to pick up the Glass in either Google’s LA, San Francisco, or NY location. Oh and not to mention would need to have $1,500 of expandable income. Google also ran the #ifihadglass campaign allowing anyone the chance to own their own pair! Hopefully they’ll be running these campaigns more often.

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