13 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Glass

Yesterday Sergey Brin announced that Google announced that the company would be dropping its Google Glass later this year, but do you really know what the Glasses actually do. After the break find out some of cool options you do if you decide to drop that stack on the Glasses.

Google Founder Says Google Glass Dropping This Year But For How Much???

Google co-founder Sergey Brin and the man of the hour with Google glass took the stage earlier today to talks about the unknown and unreleased project known as Google Glass. The project is 2 years in the making. Brin thinks the glasses will be the way of the future and the days of checking your smartphone consisntely will be a thing of the past. Brin says he isa victim of checking email and social media updates on his smartphone because he thought “as if it was something really important.” It was comparable to a smoking habit, he said. “I had a nervous tic. But with Google Glass, I’ve really enjoyed exploring the world more.”The one thing Brin comfirmed was the Google glass will be released by years end for a whopping $1,500. “You’re standing rubbing this featureless piece of glass,” Brin said. “Is this the way we were meant to use our bodies? You want something that will free your eyes.”

So COOL!! Woman WORKS Google Glasses At The Oscars Party!!!

I mean, it’s one thing for Google Execs to wear them in public, But this chick, whom we don’t know Who the F*** is, wearing them to the Oscars!!! And Using them on a TMZ camera man in some sort of competition, NIIIICE *Fab Voice*!!! Hit the Jump to see for Yourself!!!

Google Glass Coming This Year For HOW MUCH?!?!

Editor-in-Chief at the Verge, Joshua Topolsky, got an exclusive look at the Google Glass project earlier this week. While there, it was confirmed to him that Glass will definitely come out at the end of this year & will be under the $1500 price tag that developers have to pay for now. Check out the video of his trip to their NYC headquarters & some (not final) specs after the jump.

Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass On NYC Train (Pics)

Lets not forget the fact that Sergey Brin is worth some $20 billion riding the train in NYC that alone is beyond crazy, but he was also spotted wearing Google’s soon to be released Google Glass. Check out the pic after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Microsoft To Take On Google Glass?!?! Wow It’s Starting To Look Like It!!!

It looks like Sergey Brin’s dream project is getting some serious competition from the makers of Windows. The ‘Soft’ has been lifting their profile recently, especially after a long period Of not seeming to Do much, but after Windows 8 and the surface laptop Tablet, they are being talked about….And Now Microsoft just won a patent for augmented reality glasses the helps display information to the user. The picture of the patent in the link!!! Tat Wza

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