Google Nexus S In White!!!!!

No Big Spec changes, just half the phone in white, but not as white as the white iPhone, That’s “Mighty White of Them”. @TatWza

Google Lets You Print Documents Right From Your Phone!!!

Just Follow the link in the details to try and set this up, but the thought is pretty cool, Printing Right from Your phone…Go Google. @TatWza

CEll Phone Chart Shows Who’s Using What!!!

This Chart Is Interesting, Show How Fast Android has come up in such a short time, spread out across all carriers giving it life, the real interesting this is how much strength iPhone has on a single carrier, Imagine if iPhone opened up to all carriers it would truly Rule the World!!! @TatWza

Motorola Xoom’s Latest News!!!

The Motorola Xoom is Totally a An Android Operated Device but Rumor has it MotoBlur, Motorola’s Social networking OS, will be in an Android update as widgets…See Details. @TatWza

Lead Kinect Developer Leaving Microsoft For Google!!!!

Microsoft’s Lead Kinect developer, Johnny Chung Lee has decided to connect with Google…..See Details. @TatWza

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