(Video) Steven Seagal Believes That Mass Shootings Are Prepared By The Government

Actor Steven Seagal states his opinion on the gun laws in America. He says he thinks the government plays a big part in the mass shootings we’ve seen occur.

(Photos): Congratulation Slick Rick on Becoming An American Citizen!

Grammy nominated Ricky Martin Llyod Walters, better known as “Slick Rick” born in England, is known to be the most successful British-American rapper in music history.He recently became a citizen of the United States of America.

Microsoft Sues Over Law Prohibiting Tech Companies From Telling Customers When Gov Requests Customer Data

Microsoft is seeking for a federal judge to rollback a law that allows courts to restrict tech companies from telling customers that the government has gone after their data. This is important since much of our lives are personally tied to our devices which are ultimately in the hands of these huge companies.

(Photo + Video) Government Finds Their Way Into San Bernardino iPhone

The government no longer has to turn to Apple to try and get into the San Bernardino iPhone. In a court filing prosecutors told the court the new method for breaking into a iPhone is through sound.

IT’S LIT! Federal Government Gifts Two People With Free Marijuana FOR LIFE!

This story has put a new meaning to the term “it’s lit!” Marijuana might not be legal yet for recreational activities, but we are making some progress by legalizing it for medical purposes in some states. Although the medical marijuana referendum in Florida failed to pass last year, the U.S. government still actually provides weed to people in Florida depending on the circumstances and it is all because of a man named Bob Randall.

(Photos) A Petition To Remove The Confederate Flag From The South Carolina State House Has Been Started!

I believe many would agree that the Confederate Flag should not be housed on a government building in 2015 and probably should have been removed years ago. After the events that took place in Charleston this week, a petition has been started to remove the Confederate Flag from the State House.

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