SAY WHAT?! Grandma Busted For Trying To Smuggling Drugs Through Customs

Another Gangsta Granny is at it again. However, this one did not get too far. 58-Year-Old Fior Daliza Garcia was trying to bring some work through customs when she arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport from Dominican Republic. Customs inspectors shut down her attempt to smuggle her D-Rugs into the states ASAP after she appeared nervous. Hit the jump to hear the rest of this wild story!

Auto:(Video) This Bad Ass Grandma Will Leave You In The Dust!

If this was Fast & Furious, alot of people would be losing their cars to this woman. Just like in sports, people tend to sleep on other racers just by looking at them. If you did that with this granny, she will be going home with your whip. This woman, who admitted to being “sixty something” was at the race track over the weekend showing off her blacked out Mercedes C63 AMG. The ride is far from custom, as she now has 475 hp with a chipped computer & cold air induction. It takes granny only 11 seconds to get down the quarter mile track, which for a mercedes is not actually bad. Watch the video after the jump and see her smoke her opponent off the line.

Auto: I Bet Your Grandma Doesn’t Speed Like This

You know the AT&T commercial where the little boy says he could tape a cheetah to his grandmother’s back to help her move faster? Well this grandma just needs her car to move faster than most people. A grandmother in Minnesota was given 4 speeding tickets in less than 3 hours!! Why you might ask? Were the cops just harassing her, did they have it in for her? Nope, not at all. This woman was caught doing 112mph at about 1pm. 20 minutes later she was caught doing 99mph. Then within the next 2 hours she was caught twice doing 88mph each time. None of the cops knew of the previous tickets because she was driving on the interstate traveling through different parts of the state. Did I also mention the first time she was pulled over she had some weed in plain sight! LOL, this grandma is crazy. In most cases if your caught going that much over the speed limit you are arresting on site and your car impounded. So the fact that she got 4 tickets that day, maybe she wishes she was arrested after the first one. The reason for all the speeding you may ask? She was running late to her granddaughter’s dance recital, which she never made it to because of all the stops, smh.

Auto:(Video) You Won’t Believe What Grandma Did!!

How would you react if you were this guy?? Your chilling with friends, and all a sudden, you see YOUR BMW take off and YOU are not in it. You run after the car, screaming , yelling at them to stop. The car starts to do some drifting and you finally get the driver to stop. When the door opens, someone’s grandma gets out the car laughing. Are you still mad? Are you now amazed? Or is it just funny. I do not know if this video is real, but it definitely appears to be. If so, someone needs to sign this granny to a contract cause she was handling the BMW like it was nothing. Watch the video below. IamJOE357

(PHOTO) NBA: Find Out What Kevin Durant’s Grandma Wants Him To Stop Doing During Games!

C’mon KD!  Don’t disappoint grandma!  Kevin Durant received a text message from his grandmother after Monday night’s win over the Suns and she showed her love for him, but then scolded him at the same damn time! Lol.  He shared the text on his Instagram account.  Check it out… GameTimeGirl

(Video) Okay, G-Ma! Watch Ciara’s Grandma Get DOWN To Ciara’s “Got Me Good”

Ciara’s grandma is proud of her granddaughter, and wanted to show her in quite an amusing way. When CiCi played G-Ma her new single “Got Me Good” for the first time, granny busted out the dancing genes that must run in the family and got DOWN! Too funny! Watch her do her thing below. Marisa Mendez

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