(Video) Guy Punches Woman In The Face At A Women’s Rally & Is Defended By Women!

So hypocritical…out there protesting equality and rights, than you tell a woman she has no right and you hit her. Lol some of these “protesters” are really something else…

(Video) Will Smith Had To Borrow $10 From A Guy At A Gas Station

Will Smith appears on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and tells a hilariously awkward story of recently having to ask a stranger for money despite his millions on millions!

(Video) WTF: Guys Baby Mother Admits To Putting A Hit Out On Him

This is crazy! In a video we hear a man talking to his baby mother. During the conversation the woman admits to putting a $500 deposit down to get her baby father killed.

(Video) LMAO: Man Caught Humping The Exhaust Pipe Of a Car

Got eem! Dude was really out in the open street, humping his life away. When he gets caught though, his reaction is priceless.

(Video) Logic’s Got A Guy For Everything!

Logic’s been feelin himself as late, especially as #BobbyTarantino. He’s one at the top of the rap game and he’s accumulated more than just his accolades – a guy for everything!

(Video) A Guy Puts Baby Mother On Blast For Cheating On Him

In a recent video, a man puts his baby mother on full blast after he catches her cheating. This had to be the most awaked interaction ever for her.

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