(Photos) Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Is Your Every Day College Student

Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, is now in college and enjoying a pretty low-key life. She has a boyfriend, appears to be into the “Insta-fashions” and does her makeup like Kylie Jenner and every other 20-something with a wifi connection these days. One interesting thing is her IG name, though. Going by the handle @hailiescott1, Hailie is using her mother’s maiden name, instead of her father’s last name – despite that being her real name. It’s possible she just didn’t want the attention, but I don’t know – could there be some trouble there? We all know how much Em adores his Hailie Jade, so that’s definitely an eyebrow-raiser!

(Photos) Eminem’s Daughter Graduates High School!

Wow, it really doesn’t seem like that long ago when Hailie Jade was just a little girl. Well, she’s not so little anymore. Now she’s 18 years old and had graduated high school, with honors, and plans to go to Michigan State in the fall. Check out her gorgeous picture at graduation after the jump!

(Photos) Eminem Defends His Daughter Hailie After Twitter Controversy (Plus See How GROWN She Is!)

Taylor Swift has yet another new boyfriend, One Direction’s Harry Styles. What does this have to do with Eminem and his daughter, Hailie? A lot, apparently. Earlier this week, a Twitter account popped up purporting to be the darling offspring of which many of Eminem’s songs are focused on, and she kind of went IN on Tay for taking her crush. “Dear Taylor Swift, please stop whoring around with every guy you see. We all know you’re only doing it so you can make another album . . . I am never, ever, ever, listening to your music again Taylor Swift. Like ever,” is just one example. The thing is, this isn’t the first time “Hailie” allegedly had a Twitter account, and every other time, they turned out to be faker than Pamela Anderson’s boobs. It appears that may be the case this time as well. See what Eminem had to say below. Marisa Mendez

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