(Video) Justin Beiber Compares Being On Instagram To Being In Hell

Justin Beiber has been taking a huge break from social media. During his show in London, he asked his fans if they wanted him to return to social media. Of course the fans were all for it but Beiber gave his reasoning as to why he hates it.

Kanye West Says He’ll “Never Speak On Kids Again”

There’s been a lot of hip-hop headlines this week….all led by talks of Amber Rose playing with Kanye’s ass. But, before former Mrs. Khalifa jumped in the twitter beef Kanye made bashing comments about owning Wiz’s son. After a week of hearing it from all sorts of people probably about whether that was wrong, he takes to Twitter once again to say he’ll never speak on kids again. Hit the jump.

(Photos) Man Comes Clean & Admits Rihanna’s Gay Bashing Comments Were Fake & Photo Shopped!

As dope as Rihanna appears to be, do you think it’s possible she really could mean such a horrific thing? After a fan threw some shade at the “Diamonds” singer via Instagram, BadGalRiRi allegedly clapped back and referenced his sexuality, insinuating that he’s going to hell for being gay. A screen shot surfaced and everthing. However, the man came out and revealed that the picture was indeed a FAKE altered by photoshop. I knew it was too far fetched for Rih to say something so out-landish. Head over to the gallery and check out the whole ordeal for yourself.

(Video) WTF?! Is Siri Predicting The End Of The World?!?

I just ran across this and it is beyond interesting! A video circulating the web of siri predicting “Opening The Gates Of Hades”, which if you’re not familiar with greek mythology, hades is Hell.

Top 8 Things Scorned Women Do

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, that’s what they say right? Well from my experience of seeing some crazy things go down it is very true. Ahhh that very moment you realize love has been lost and you completely lose your mind for at least a moment and rage possesses you. Yes, a feeling some of us are all too familiar with, you stop thinking about consequences and immediately act! Of course once the anger subsides and you realize you’re better off without him/her you may regret some of the vengeance you took upon him/her or NOT. Let’s take a look at what I believe the top 10 a broken hearted women can be capable of at the time she realizes he isn’t coming back. Hit the jump.  What have you done? Steph B

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