Nelly better set his boy up for life, both during his prison stay and upon his release! His tour bus rolled through Texas last night…a state NOTORIOUS for inspecting buses at border patrol and making arrests for even weed (Curren$y, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Fiona Apple)…and apparently the guys didn’t have the smarts to hide the HEROIN, loaded guns and weed that they were carrying with them! 7 people, including Nelly, were detained during the search, but after a member of his crew by the name of Brian Keith Jones took the rap, the 6 others were freed and he was hauled off to jail. No word on the amount of time he’s facing, but Nelly better thank his lucky stars he has such a ride-or-die on his team! More details on what they found below. Nelly has yet to comment. Marisa Mendez