(Video) NFL: Albert Haynesworth Dumps Bucket of Water on Homeless Man He Claims Was Harassing His Customers!

Former NFL superstar Albert Haynesworth dumped a bucket of ice cold water on a homeless man who posted up in front of his burger joint after the guy allegedly harassed several female patrons.

(Photos) Shia LaBeouf Chased Down A Homeless Man Just Hours Before He Was Arrested?!

Shia gone wild? Apparently so! Hours before he got arrested and banned from a Broadway show, he was seen chasing and trying to start a fight with a homeless man over a hat! Read more after the jump…

(Video) Boxing: SMH Homeless Guy That Got $1,000 From Adrien Broner Got Beat Up & Robbed!

There was a very touching story when boxing champion Adrien Broner posted a video giving a homeless man $1,000.  The video went viral and unfortunately the story has taken a sad turn.

(Video) NFL: Homeless Man Responsible For Browns Drafting Johnny Manziel?

Did a homeless man really determine the fate of Johnny football? If you let owner Jimmy Haslem tell it, the answer is yes. Haslem said despite his worth and owning the Browns, when he is in his home state of Tennessee nobody recognizes him or stops him to talk. But in Cleveland on the eve of the draft someone on the street realized who Haslem was and had a message for him. He said the homeless man was on the street and looked up at Haslem and said two words, “draft Johnny”. According to Haslem that was a sign that the team needed to make sure that was the direction they went. Hit the jump.

NBA: Wizards Young Star Buys Homeless Man A Meal & Sits To Eat With Him

These are the types of stories you wish you would hear more often about athletes. Wizards first round pick, Otto Porter bought a meal for a homeless man and on top of that took the time to sit down and eat with him. What Porter didn’t realize was that another customer took notice. The person was so moved by the act of kindness that she wrote a letter to the Washington Post to let the world know. This wasn’t some premeditated act for the cameras. This was a sincere kind gesture by Porter. Hit the jump to see the letter that was written to the Post.

Amazing! Homeless Man Finds Bag Filled With Thousands Of Dollars & Turns It In

At South Bay Mall in Dorchester, a homeless man returned a backpack with $2,400 in cash, $39,500 in travelers checks and a passport that he found. The man was in front of the TJ Maxx Store as he flagged down the Boston Police officers at South Bay Mall. The man claims that he found a black backpack that had a large sum of cash and a passport in the front of the store. The officials took all the things and notified mall management. The Boston Police claim, “the homeless man could only provide officers with his name and the address of the shelter where he currently lives.” Later Saturday night, police were contacted by an employee of Best Buy who said a customer lost his backpack. The passport and the customer’s identity matched… and he got his stuff returned back to him. Now, they’ve officially opened a fund where you can donate to the homeless man. The goal was initially $50 or $60k but they’ve already surpassed that goal. It’s currently at $80k+ and now they’ve changed the goal to $250k. Glad the man was able to help and I’m happy people are going to help change his life around. Would YOU return the bag?

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