NBA: Terrence Jones Arrested For Allegedly Stomping on a Homeless Man

I don’t put anything past anyone, but I find this hard to believe.  I need more details and I need to hear from Terrence himself.  Why would someone just stomp on a homeless man?!?!  Apparently that’s why Rockets player Terrence Jones was arrested this morning. Details after the jump….

(Video) NBA: Check Out What JaVale McGee Does To A Sleeping Homeless Man

Awwwww, isn’t this just sweet?! Who knew JaVale was such a nice, giving guy?! Good thing Vine is around to catch these kind of moments. Check out what JaVale McGee did to/for a sleeping homeless man…

(Photo) Kidnapper Demanded What After He Broke In ?!?!

Funny but not funny lol, guess what this kidnapper demanded after he broke in!

(Video) What?!! A Police Officer Did What For A Homeless Man!??????

First NYC breaks a record on Monday having no stabbing, slashing or shooting and now a officer did the kindest thing I ever heard of a police officer ever doing…buying a homeless man a pair of socks and sneakers!.. and when he asked the homeless man why he didn’t have shoes, he replied “I never had shoes”..How sad!.. But it sure is nice to see some people still do care for the next person.. I guess you could say ’tis the season to be jolly’… Mickey

(Photos) Oh No! Russell Brand Crashes His Car Into A Man’s…What?!

Russell Brand got into an accident today but luckily no one was hurt, no real damage was done and the best part…he helped to make it right as soon as it happened! Katy Perry’s ex-hubby was pushing his Range around Cali early this morning, when he had a bit of a run-in with a homeless man’s…shopping cart of recyclables. Seeing as though that’s not very valuable, Russell could have kept it moving but instead, he hopped out quickly and helped the man pick up all the things! So nice of him…and a good reminder: one man’s trash is definitely another man’s treasure. Marisa Mendez

Third California Officer Charged In Homeless Man’s Death

A third California officer has been charged in the beating death of a mentally ill homeless man after a violent confrontation with Fullerton police. the former officer Joseph Wolfe was arraigned Thursday on one felony count of involuntary manslaughter and one felony count of the use of excessive force. Click below to find out more. Funk Flex

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