Russell Brand Helps A Homeless Man

Russell Brand was on his way out of a yoga class when he saw a homeless man all drugged up and rolling on the ground. Like a good samaritan he went over to the man and offered him some water – he also gave him a white t shirt to help protect him from the sun. Find out what else he did after the jump Quay

Autopsy From Miami “Zombie” Reveals NO Bath Salths In His System!

Well this story just got a little twist! Rudy Eugene, the man who infamously ate another man’s face off while naked in the Miami streets over Memorial Day Weekend, had NO traces of bath salts in his system when his autopsy came back. In fact, they hardly found anything in his system at all! So what was it that could have made him act so viciously? Details below. Marisa Mendez

(GRAPHIC Photos) New Pics Released Of Miami “Zombie” Victim + Update On His Condition!

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, a homeless man’s face was notoriously chewed off by a man believed to be on the drug bath salts. Doctors have released new information and photos of Ronald Poppo, and they are happy to report he is doing “well”, but in need of more surgery. They said approximately 50% of his face is missing, and that the “charming” Poppo both remembers the attack and understands that he is in hospital. More details and the graphic photos below. Marisa Mendez

(Photos) NBA: Pau Gasol Gives Money to a Disabled Man in Need

LA Lakers star forward Pau Gasol stops to give a homeless man money while out in Beverly Hills — Pau may shipped out of town pretty soon, so it’s nice to see him continue giving back to the L.A. community — Should be strange to see him in a different uniform one day. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

Girlfriend Of Miami Face-Eating “Zombie” Speaks Out; Clears Up Many Rumors!

If you thought the guy who ate off someone’s face in Miami over Memorial Day Weekend was a trouble-making, drug-loving homeless man…think again! Rudy Eugene’s longtime girlfriend has stepped out to speak up about the man she loves and has cleared up many of the reports being circulated. While it can be true you never really “know” someone because they can hide so many things from you…I think anyone would have noticed if their significant other was into eating people and taking crazy drugs all the time. The whole story is just so crazy and this woman’s testimony makes it even more sad. See what she and Rudy’s mother both had to say below. If you missed the graphic photos and footage from the incident, go here. Marisa Mendez

Homeless Man Stabs Another Man In The Chest For Watching Porn In Library

Blood spilled in a library because another library user was viewing porn, stabbed him in the chest. He wasn’t even mad he was viewing porn in front of his wife, he was just mad because there was porn on his screen. Click below to read the rest. WiL Major

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