(Photos) Check What Lil Twist Rides After Wrecking Justin Bieber’s Car

We all heard about the crazy incident involving Justin Bieber’s car being crashed by his homie, Lil Twist, Right? If not, check it out HERE.  Now, Justin Bieber gets even with his friend. Find out how, after the jump.

FOOD: Horsemeat Found In The Beef At Taco Bell!

With horse meat turning up in so many different food chains and supermarkets lately, it makes me think twice about eating beef. China is the world’s largest consumer of horse meat, and parts of France actually have horse meat on their everyday menus. But here in America, I think I speak for most people when I say, I’ll pass. “Yo quiero, horse meat?” No thanks! Will this stop you from indulging at Taco Bell? Check out which Taco Bell tested positive for horse meat below! Caasi Cofer

Justin Bieber Seen Riding What?!?!

I guess with all the trouble surrounding Justin Bieber lately with the Weed and Lean and irresponsible friends it makes sense he would take a break from the Ferrari for a more simpler life. Bieber was spotted by TMZ riding a real life horse. A nice break from that white Ferrari that has been involved in far too many incidents lately.

Disgusting! Burger King Admits To Using Horsemeat In Their Burgers

When I was younger I heard rumors that Burger King really used horsemeat in their burgers but I dismissed them as just rumors, but now it seems it’s the truth. Earlier in the week Burger King meat was being investigated for being tainted with horsemeat despite claiming to be all beef. Although the horsemeat burgers don’t pose a risk, it’s still disgusting. I know that some people may eat horse and other animals, but if a place is promising all beef they should receive all beef. If fast food wasn’t gross enough, now there’s even more reason for me to stay away from it! Read more about the horse burgers below.

Pastor Claims He Found Cure To Homosexuality

According to Raymond Bell a pastor at the Cowboy Church of Virginia believes there is a cure to homosexuality.  Of course he is treating the lifestyle like an addiction or flaw instead of genetics and/or lifestyle choice.  He suggests that a certain type of therapy named Equine Assisted Therapy will “cure” homosexuals.  Yet, the therapy itself is strange, it involves stroking horses.  The stroking of the horses is supposed to make the man feel more “masculine”.  Do you think this is a valid theory? -_- Steph B

(Video) NFL Rookies Robert Griffin III & Trent Richardson Play a Game of HORSE

Gatorade and NFL Films have partnered for the second season of “Everything To Prove,” the online series that chronicles the journeys of 11 rookie NFL players trying to make a league where everyone must prove themselves each and every game. The first installment of the series features NFL rookies Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson, who played a friendly game of HORSE while on a photo shoot together.  Check it out after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

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