(Video) Man Killed In Germany After Holding People Hostage

A man who was masked and armed has now been killed by police after he stormed inside of a cinema complex taking hostages. Crazy!

(Video) Family Kills Escaped Prisoner Who Held Them Hostage

After escaping from prison Thursday, Rafael McCloud held a family captive in their own home. After hours of being held hostage, the wife of the wife managed to escape and return with a gun. When she came back, she did what she had to do to protect her family.

Iran Holds 10 US Sailors Hostage For Hours Before Releasing Them To American Naval Fleet

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard captured ten U.S. Navy sailors after their broken down vessel mistakingly drifted into Iranian waters. Although the Iranians did release all ten sailors, including nine men and one female that was forced to wear a headdress, it took hours to release them; and even the release took place after the soldiers were forced on their knees with their hands on their heads, and a video showing the sailors’ commander expressing fault. “It was a mistake that was our fault. We apologize for our mistake. The Iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. We thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance,” said the commander during an interview with Iran’s Press TV. “The Iranian patrol boat came out when we were having engine issues and had weapons drawn, so we tried to talk to them until more boats came out and took us in,” he later added.

(Photos + Video) Paris Attacks Leaves Over 150 Dead

Paris is out of control today! There has been approximately 6 shootings and 3 explosions in just a few hours!

16-Hour Sydney Siege Ends With The Death Of Two Hostages & The Gunman

Today, Australia served as a terrifying place for more than 40 individuals. A standoff between a man identified as an Iranian refugee named, Man Haron Monis and Commando police officers. Monis had forced hostages to hold up Islamic flags in the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place. Heavily armed paramilitary officers, snipers and a swat team surrounded the shop and during the standoff, at least five of the hostages were able to escape. More details after the jump.

American Hostage Peter Kassig Is Killed By ISIS!

A video released by the Islamic State claims to show the killing of Peter Kassig, a man who was held hostage by ISIS. Read more on the story below!

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