(Video) New Electric “Hypercar” Toroidion 1MW Pushes Out 1300 Horses!

Toroidion, a Finnish automobile company is working on a 100% electric “hypercar” pushing out 1,341 horsepower! This technology makes Tesla look silly! However, the car is still in the works and right now they’re dealing with a noise issue, due to the four motors needed to provide such power. The design has a retro feel, with butterfly doors and enough room for airline sized luggage.

(Photo) Kick; Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself? Sneaker Release Dates For This Weekend!

All Of This Weekends Sneaker Release Dates! Read More After The Jump…

HP Turns To THIS OS For Its New SlateBook X2!!!

Hewlett-Packard for the second time has enlisted Android as its Operating System this time for its new laptop/tablet called SlateBook X2. The device has a detachable 10 inch screen that allows customers to use the device as a tablet.

Auto:(Auto Show Pics) Would You Drive This Truck?

I am not a fan of how this truck looks, but when you find out that it could possibly get 100mpg it can quickly change your opinion. Yes, I did say 100MPG, which is unheard of itself, but in a truck?? That is even more crazy. Via motors created this monster. It is a modified Chevy Silverado, and I mean really modified. It has a plug-in hybrid powertrain system underneath, which helps give it the fuel economy of a compact car, while still having a tough, mean look outside. The truck has 2, yes 2 separate electric motors that each put out about 402hp, so that means over 800hp!! CRAZY. The truck has been raised about 5 inches. It even comes with a built in Ipad, that sends info to the driver, but also more importantly can connect directly to the service department to help solve issues. A V8 gas generator is used when the battery gets below 20%, but it is only used to recharge and turns off once the battery is back above 25%. Check the gallery above for some pics and hit the link below if you want to read more. IamJOE357

Republic Wireless Introduces Hybrid Wi-Fi Calling [Video]

The capabilities of smartphones grow by the day; sometimes over night we develop next gen technology. Most of the time, its a new angle or approach on something that has been around for some time. With how crazy the mobile industry has grown, the possibilities are endless. Even if you were looking to harness Wi-Fi as cellular signal. Republic Wireless is in the Beta stage of a hybrid technology that could take the wireless industry by storm. Jump for details & video on how to take advantage… Tat Wza

Auto:(Photos) BMW Sneak Pics Of The 2014 Electric I8..Dope Car

Some of you may of already seen pics of this crazy BMW I8 electric car. But for those who have only seen the concept, these pics are cool to see the car actually in use being tested in Sweden and Germany. These are some of the clearest sneak pics of this car. The vehicle in these pictures was seen driving around Germany, of course still wrapped in the camouflage. This is a fully electric vehicle and the design of this beamer is definitely crazy! If BMW needs anymore test drivers they need to hit me up. Check the pics in the gallery above. IamJOE357

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