Tech Talk Celebrate: #IFWT Wishes IBM PC A Happy 30th Birthday!!!

30 years ago today IBM introduced the Future, the 5150 PC, oh how time have changed!!! Although you would think IBM would be King Computer, computer’s over all are not on top of the heap anymore with smartphones, and tablets running the business right now! Hit the Jump for some history and other news! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Celebrates: #IFWT Wishes IBM A Happy 100th Birthday!!!

The Computing company that has been around since the beginning of computing, IBM(International Business Machine) Has turned 100!! Starting in 1911 in Armonk NY, as the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation, and in 1924 renamed it’s self as IBM….Hit the jump for more Details!! Tat WZA

IBM Paying $10M In Bribery Case!!!

I didn’t even know IBM stood for International Business Machines(not I Bank Money), and they have agreed to a settlement in a bribery case filed by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)….See Details. @TatWza

This Week In Tech 2/13/11 – 2/19/11

This is how Tech went down this Week….I Love this stuff ya’ll!!!!! See the Details. @TatWza

Man Vs. Machine In Jeopardy

The contest Between Man and Machine began yesterday and ended today was a major win for Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy Multi-Mega Super Computer, against Jeopardy’s 2 Highest ranking Champs that previously won between them over 5 million dollars… @TatWza

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