(Photos) NFL: Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray Buys $1300 iMacs For Offensive Linemen

DeMarco Murray is clearly in a GREAT mood after setting an NFL record Sunday with his seventh consecutive 100-yard game to start a season. The Dallas RB has bought his offensive linemen iMacs, totaling $1300 each. This is Murray’s way of showing love to the O-Line, as they contributed to his record-breaking success. Hit the jump for pics and more on this pretty dope deed!

(Photos) Apple Also Drops New iMac With Retina and The Mac Mini Is BACK!!!

I do think the evolution of retina was only right to be in their all-in-one design, so that was kind of a no brainer! The beautiful 27″ retina is def something every apple product user should have, BUT I am most excited that the Mac Mini is back with the best specs!!!

Tesla Hires Former Apple VP For What?!

This is a dope move from a car maker, hiring Doug Field, former VP of Mac hardware engineering to be VP of vehicle programs(car hardware). Now that they’ve made this move, what Now?!

21.5 Inch iMac Now Ships 2-3 Weeks After Purchase

If you recently ordered a 21 inch iMac don’t expect it within the next few weeks. According to mac rumors the iMac not ship for another 2 to 3 weeks. The usual shipping time for these devices are normally 7 to 10 business days , but guess because of delays at the factory and demand for the iMac is at an high. Also the wait time for the 27 inch iMac is also pushed back to 3 to 4 weeks. As of late Apple has been slacking in the production department and getting enough product to its customers. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

New 27 Inch iMac Delayed Again

Looks like Apple can not keep up with the demand for the 27 inch iMac as they can’t meet the demand. As a result Apple has to delay shipments again, this time shipments have been pushed back to February. Which means customers have to wait another “three to four weeks,” to get their device. Customers who order the 21.5 monitor well get theirs on time according to 9 to 5 mac. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Apple Relocating Manufacturing To USA??

With tension growing at Apple’s china-based manufacturing company, relocating would probably be in their best interest for future endeavors. Not that this is something they can do over night, but it is now clear they are definitely taking initial steps in the process. Apple has released their latest model of the iMac and some are finding some home-made branding on their units. Hit the jump for the story Tat Wza

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