11-Year Old Leukemia Patient Is Missing After Mother Takes Her From Hospital After A Serious Operation

This past Wednesday in Phoenix an 11 year old by the name of Emily was being treated for an infection. The infection took over her arm which forced the hospital to amputate it in order for her to survive. Wednesday evening surveillance cameras picked up Emily and her Mother Norma evacuating the hospital. Emily was supposed to be released the next day and her mother took matters into her own hands which can leave Emily in a horrible predicament. There were several IV’s and even a catheter still attached to Emily during the evacuation that if not properly removed or taken care of can be life threatening. Police haven’t released the full names of the family members in hopes they will do whats best for Emily in her present situation. FunkFlex DN

AIDS Related Deaths And HIV Infections On A Global Decline!

AIDS related deaths and new HIV infections are on a global decline. The number of AIDS related deaths and HIV infections are at their lowest since the peak of the diseases. The rate of HIV infections have dropped by 21% since 1997 and rate of AIDS related deaths have dropped by 21% since 2005. Read more after the jump. Julie1205

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