Ariana Grande Getting Hit With Possible Lawsuit?

Ariana Grande has gotten herself in a little trouble with a simple but crucial line from a popular oldie! Hit the jump for more.

(Photo) RocAWear Sued Over “Hood Love” Shirts

Jay Z and Rocawear have a shirt in stores with the phrase “Hood Love” written on it, but apparently it’s not all love at all. HoodLove LLC, a for-profit company dedicated to improving poverty stricken communities, has filed suit against Hov’s clothing line, saying they’ve owned the trademark since 2006 and the shirts will not only confuse the public, but make money off their name. HoodLove is suing for any profits made from the shirts, and also wants them completely pulled from stores. You think they’ll win this one?

WARNING…ALL Copyright Infringement Stops NOW?!?!

This Could Very Well Be Biggest News of the 21st Century Thus Far….A Copyright Warning System!!! Will This Affect the way you listen to you On-line Music, Will This Affect the way you share your favorite Music Video, Will This Affect your overall On-line experience?!?! Well, it might…Hit the Jump, watch the video that complicatedly explains exactly what May happen!!

(Video)Tech Talk News: Is Blackberry About To Shutdown???

After reporting some Hard losses on Wall street last week, Things are looking up for RIM, and When I say looking up, I mean they are being Sued for patent infringement for the use of their handset’s and Tablets, and should that be a loss in court, they will be wrapped up, and Not have to worry about losing anymore & being at the bottom, so it’s looking Up! Hit the Jump! +TatWZA

Tech Talk News: @Wale Reveals His Views On SOPA And The State Of The Internet!!!!

He also has some other Views, Like how he Feels about Commons Sweet, S/O Boi1da(Boy-Won-Da) for this Exclusive interView, Hit the Jump for the Full Video. +TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Will Blackberry Lose BBM???

I am pretty sure RIM can NOT wait til this year is Over, well they only have about a week left, and Hopefully 2012 will be better for them -_- Hit the Jump to find out what’s going on! +TatWZA

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