So Sad! According To A Recent Study, HOW Many People Sentenced To Death Are Really Innocent?!?!

Extremely shocking news comes by way of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. They’ve just published “Rate of False Conviction of Criminal Defendants Who Are Sentenced to Death.” What’s crazy is the amount of people sentenced to death that happen to be innocent. Check the stats after the jump.

Florida Inmates Caught In Panama City Hotel?!?!

Two Florida inmates who were mistakingly released from a prison, were arrested earlier today in a motel, hit the jump for more detail!

3 Florida Inmates Used WHAT To Smuggle Contraband In?!?

A grocery-sized bag filled with cigarettes, marijuana, lighters, and other jailhouse contraband was seized by cops. Three inmates have been charged with the smuggling, and they used what to bring it all in??

(Video + Photos) Hold Up! Aren’t They Locked Up?! Inmates Flash Guns & Drugs In Prison !!!

As crazy as it seems this is too real lol, inmates in Jail were on video doing a lot of things they shouldn’t have been doing in Jail! Hit the jump for more! (Video 18+)

One Of Two Caught After Prison Escape!!!

Remember the two inmates that escaped from a Chicago federal jail on Friday, well one of them were caught, arrested and put back in jail. Jose Banks, captured inmate, says he’s got no info about his other inmate friend Kenneth Conley. FBI states that the $50,000 offer still stands for any info on Conleys where abouts. Check out the full story after the jump. AliTheGreatest

Inmates Are Sueing For Being Denied Dental Floss ‘Could Be Used As A Weapon’

The staff members at jails are questioning if allowing prisoners access to dental floss. Several inmates in a Westchester County Jail are “demanding access to dental floss, said the jail was “violating inmates’ federally protected civil rights by not allowing inmates access to dental floss, while acknowledging that it will result in cavities if you fail to floss your teeth.” FunkFlex

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