(Photos) 5 Inspirational Quotes From RIRI

Rihanna is always getting criticized for her free spirit and fun antics , but here and there she also tries to inspire her fans with some quotes.  Over the course of time she has uploaded several inspirational words on Instagram, hit the jump for 5 of them Steph B

Instagram Sells Your Pics To Big Companies

Instagram, [Facebook] has issued a change in their Privacy Policy & Terms of Service, which will be effective as of January 16th, 2013. Facebook, owners of Instagram, have officially moved in as owners and have already shown presence. Their new policy gives them ownership rights of your photos to then use for financial gains. Hit the jump to find out what they’re changing. Tat Wza

(Photo) Meek Mill Slandering Bum Baby Mothers?! He’s Going OFF!! Dramatic!

Child support putting a strain on Meek’s relationship?! He’s PISSED! Find out what he’s saying about bum baby mothers!! Biz Baby

Tech Talk News: Netflix, Instagram, & Pinterest Services Restored After Storm

As reported yesterday Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest were all down and were expected to be down for several days, but in a turn of events all services were restored before the day was over. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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