Apple Is Working To Fix WHAT On iOS 7???

Since Apple released the new iOS 7 on September 18th, users have been having issues with iMessage. The company said they have been receiving complaints of iMessages not going through.

(Video) Attention ALL Producers…You NEED This App!!!

Our good friend CreateLex is back at it! Now he’s done some really Dope apps in the ‘making music space’, but this one might be the best yet! Even I was able to make a beat that sounded ‘usable’ 0_o

Which One Of THESE Does Your iPhone Use Now?!

Well it’s here, iOS 7, some of you have it, some of you are waiting, and some won’t get it. So we want to know, which iOS are you gonna be using?!?

(Video) George Zimmerman Is Guilty…Of Throwing An iPad

Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE the destruction of tech devices. Hasn’t George Zimmerman done enough, do we have to let him run around and destroy tablets too?!

Here’s A Couple Things Apple Didn’t Mention Today

Ok Apple just finished taking over the world to announce pretty much everything we already knew was coming. Of course it coming officially from Apple is always best, and they def dropped some tid bits that made it worth while! But there were some things they didn’t cover that we were kind of expecting.

(Video) Meet The iPad’s Grandfather…The Apple Newton!!!

Last Week the Apple Newton turned 20…Happy Belated you big ole’ Message Pad you!! Actually it boasted to have Email, Apps, and Touchscreen and came out the year Mr. Clinton became the POTUS(1993 if you’re not aware)…Hit the Jump to See what it looks Like!!

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