Obama Is Planning To Send 250 More Troops To Fight ISIS

U.S. officials have stated that President Obama will be sending up to 250 U.S. troops to Syria in the next coming weeks. This will bring the American presence in Syria to a total of 300 to help fight ISIS.

(Video) Bono Develops A Plan To Defeat Terror Group ISIS

While speaking on how to get rid of the terror group ISIS, U2 leader, BONO says he thinks comedy should be involved. He says comedians such as Chris Rock and Amy Schemer should play a big role in the plan. The best part about all of this was, he was super serious.

(Video) Newlyweds Taken Into Custody After Trying To Join ISIS

Jaelyn Delshaun Young and her lover Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, had planed to go join the terror group ISIS. The couple had a plan to go to Turkey so that they would be able to slip into Syria and join. The two got caught after talking with undercover FBI agents.

(Video) ISIS No.2 Leader Killed During U.S. Special Ops Raid

Abd ar-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, also known as Haji Imam, was the number two leader of ISIS. He was killed by the U.S. during a raid. Imam was the next in line to succeed after ISIS head Omar al-Baghdadi. There was a $7 million bounty on Imam. U.S. officials have also confirmed that ISIS “minister of war” Tarkhan Batirashvili, who also goes by “Omar the Chechen,” was killed in an earlier raid this month.

WHATT!! Terrorism Expert Compares ISIS To ‘Gangsta Rap’…!!

We all know who ISIS is….but who we do not know is Christopher Dickey. Well Mr. Dickey is an expert on terrorism and an analyst for MSNBC and he just made some big headlines by comparing the appeal of gangsta rap in American inner cities to the appeal of radical Islamic jihad in certain European neighborhoods. Hit the jump for this one!!

Mariah Carey Warned Not To Perform In Brussels

After the terror attack that took place in Brussels today, security has been locking down places left and right. This morning we learned, ISIS has taken responsibility for the attacks. Mariah Carey was scheduled to do a concert Sunday for her birthday. Her security team is “strongly against” the show due to the recent attack which is understandable.

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