Looks like Lil Wayne isn’t the only one sick and tired of Birdman’s sh*t. His Miami condo association wants him out of the complex and FAST! According to the Ivy Condo Association, Birdman has racked up a total of $12,500 in unpaid fees and is constantly bouncing checks (HOW SWAY?!) To top it off, he apparently owes $1.9 million in back taxes to Uncle Sam, another $1 million to a construction company and last but not least, Birdman took out a $5 million dollar loan to make sure his Mansion was fully updated and decked out to live up to his reputation as a popular Hip-Hop mogul. The condo association filed a lien back in November to foreclose Baby’s home RIGHT before Christmas. Sheesh! What a way to spend the holidays. Looks like he needs that Weezy money after all and FAST. Release the album!!!!!