(Video) Sports: Al Sharpton Points Out What Colin Kaepernick & Jackie Robinson Have in Common

Al Sharpton says Colin Kaepernick and Jackie Robinson raised the same issue just in different way.

Fashion: Big Dreams Univ Release – Part 1 of “Autumn Winter Tried To Kill Me” Collection

Big Dreams Univ have released Part 1 of the “Autumn Winter Tried To Kill Me” Collection. Each item featured is the Intro Snapback, In the Field (Jackie Robinson) Jersey, and 1pm on Sunday Jersey. The collection title came about last autumn/winter the owner 22 year old Ty King, suffered from pneumonia and thought he was gonna die he spent some days in the hospital and wasn’t able to release or create as much clothing as he wanted. So the title is just to express how Autumn Winter almost got him, but now he’s here for revenge.

MLB: Stop It! SMH, Jackie Robinson Statue in Brooklyn Vandalized

In Brooklyn?! REALLY?!  C’mon fam, this is ridiculous.  Not that it should happen anywhere…ever, but I’m shocked in Brooklyn.  There are racists idiots everywhere.  SMH. The Jackie Robinson statue at Coney Island Ballpark has been defaced with graffiti & racist slurs.  Just sickening.  Report after the jump…

MLB:(Photo) Want To Own An Amazing Piece Of Sports History?

All you need is $1 million dollars! Ok, so obviously most of us have no chance of owning this piece of sports history, but it is still very cool that someone can. The 1947 baseball rookie of the year was awarded to Jackie Robinson, and it was the very first time the award was ever given out. That same award is now currently for sale at a memorabilia auction in Chicago until August 4th, with a current price of $1 million. I am very surprised this award is not in the baseball hall of fame, or in a museum somewhere. To be honest, since it has to do with Jackie Robinson, I think it should be worth more than that. What he did for the future of the game is impossible to put into words. Hit the jump for more.

(PHOTO) MLB: Wow, Check Out How Much Jackie Robinson Glove Was Auctioned For!

I would have loved to bid on Jackie Robinson’s glove, but there’s no way in the world I would have even came close to what it was just auctioned off for!  Such a great piece of history. Check it out..

MLB: Pitcher’s Family Mad Over Racist Portrayal in Jackie Robinson Film ’42’

I have only heard amazing things about the movie “42.”  I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to see it yet.  Well now there’s some controversy surrounding the movie.  The daughter of pitcher Fritz Ostermueller is mad and she’s speaking out.

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