Japan Earthquake Death Toll Rises

As I reported yesterday, Japan had two earthquakes back to back of high magnitudes. Sadly, there is more bad news. That Japan earthquake has taken more lives and left more injured.

ISIS Militants Post An Online Clock Warning The Killing Of Two Japanese Hostages!

ISIS militants posted an online clock warning a deadline for two Japanese hostages. The fate of the Japanese hostages still remains unknown. Read more on the story after the jump!

(18+*Video) Japanese Company Working On A Smart Bra?!

I thought this was a joke, but by the looks of this video, with bluetooth connectivity, an iPhone App, and little LED’s, it ‘feels’ real.

(Photos) Ever See What $100K Of Plastic Surgery Looks Like?!?!

Ever wondered if plastic surgery can physically change your ethnicity, well this lady confirms that it can, hit the jump or the full story!

(Photos) Artist Creates Infinity Mirrors

A Japanese artist has created an art piece that consists of mirrors that look like they extend forever.  These amazing pieces are being sold for thousands of dollars! Hit the jump for the amazing artwork and how much they’re worth. Steph B

(Photos)Teenage Girl Looks Like A Japanese Anime Character

A teenage girl unbelievably looks like a fake cartoon character.  Her features are so identical to a Japanese Anime character that she looks fake.  Her unreal features have given her the chance to model the Japanese characters and earned her thousands of fans and followers.The 19-year-old from Ukraine has even given herself the Japanese nickname of Fukkacumi.  Hit the jump . Steph B

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